How in the h*ll

How in the h*ll did I get here? To define here, let's start with understanding how, why, and who I am. I am Damon Hayes-Milligan, and I

When to hire an HR Consultant.

Outsourcing your Human Resources function to an HR professional can save your business money. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the reasons why HR consulting and outsourcing makes sense. Is your company large enough to need internal HR? Most companies outsourcing human resources tend to have between 10 and 20 employees. However, there are many exceptions. Better Call HR has been outsourced by various functions that include general HR as well as Organizational Development. When you find that the administrative processes begin slowing down productivity, it might be time to outsource. • What level of control is essential to you? With an outsourced HR team, the ideal situation is to fin

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