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HR Services

At Better Call HR, we offer a range of HR services designed to help small and medium-sized employers improve organizationally by better understanding their people.

Our motto is, "You rule the world; we'll handle the details."  We say this because you were born to lead your organization to greatness with your business acumen, but HR is probably not your strong point.  Better Call HR provides you with the resources to decide exactly how much or little you need HR services.

Please read our blog post on questions to ask about outsourcing or simply using an HR Consultant for project-based work.


Option 1: We are your outsourced solution!

HR Services: Outsourcing

Better Call HR would be your de facto HR Department!  We would be there to answer calls, write policy and procedure, help with recruitment needs, assist with termination, unemployment hearings, organizational development (training), and coaching.  Effectively, we are your day-to-day HR department


Option 2: Just a little help!

HR Services: HR Consulting for Projects

Do you have a litany of HR related projects?  Allowing a true HR professional to handle your various people projects allows you to focus on what you do best - lead and run your business.

Examples of HR Consulting Projects: recruitment needs, HR Compliance audits, Compensation, and benefits design (vendor assistance) employee handbook creation and editing, policy and procedure design or redesign, organizational development (training), succession planning, and coaching.

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