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HR for YouHR business.

As a business owner - do these real-world scenarios sound familiar? ***PSSSST THEY ARE REAL!

  • "We had a slip-and-fall, what do we do?"

  • "We have an employee asking for a change in work duties due to an accommodation"

  • "Should we run a background check on this candidate even though we know her?"

  • "My manager sent me these inappropriate text messages - what should I do?"

  • What are employee files?

As a business owner - have you asked yourself if your policies and procedures will stand up in court?  Remember, it's a court of your employees' peers, not yours!

Have you ever asked yourself what an I9 is?  Worst yet, do I have to complete one?

The Oklahoma Department of Labor (DOL) has sent me a request for pay information regarding several employees.  NOW, WHAT?

Oh, and let's not forget COVID-19!

How's work from home (WFH) going?


Meet Damon

*pretty harmless if you don't count his dad jokes.

Damon has 17 years' experience in the field of Human Resources and Organizational Development.

He has survived DOL, EEOC, and other federal and legal challenges.

*and prevailed

Loves HR - in fact, he has nearly completed his Ph.D. in Organizational Development and Change.

Believes that it is our job to partner with leaders and organizations and not be the HR Police.


  • I will conduct a free, no-cost, no-obligation HR audit.  The results will be shared on the same day as the meeting.


  • Having a third-party examine your policy and procedures (or lack thereof) is beneficial to your business.

  • I will give you a breakdown of the...  well, you know.



You know that it's time to give your organization a once-over.  I'm not a pushy salesperson, and I can't stand them.  My fees are reasonable, and I'm even offering a discount due to COVID-19!  I have set up a link for you to enter a little information to send you a free Oklahoma and Federal law guide.  I promise - it's painless, and it provides good information.  

But really - HIRE ME.  The only decision you'll regret is why you didn't do this sooner!

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